What is the difference between malignant&benign tumors?

Answer Tumors are caused when a group of abnormal cells cluster together and form a solid mass of tissue. Tumors can form and grow almost anywhere on the human body where living cells exists, and generall... Read More »

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Gum Tumors in Dogs?

There are three main types of tumors found in a dog’s gum: fibromatous epulis, ossifying epulis and acanthomatous epulis, according to veterinarian Daniel A. Degner. Unlike tumors found in other ... Read More »

How much nattokinase is used for tumors?

A person should consume two 36 mg pills of nattokinase per day to help cure tumors. That equates to about 14,400 fibrinolytic units per day. Fibrinolytic units are a determination of how much fibri... Read More »

What are the causes of carcinoid tumors?

Even with today's advanced medical systems and procedures, the exact cause of carcinoid tumors/cancer cannot be pinned down with any meaningful level of certainty. However, studies have revealed so... Read More »

Where do tumors go after radiation?

Well, generally the body either recycles or expels dead cells. If tumors are trully dead then the eventually get expelled, of course that assumes that each and every cell is dead, any surviving one... Read More »