What is the difference between male&female red-tailed hawks?

Answer Although it is easy to identify a juvenile verses an adult red-tailed hawk, males and females have the same color and markings, making them difficult to sex. There are a few traits you can watch fo... Read More »

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What Are Some Cousins of Red-Tailed Hawks?

Red-tailed hawks are a common North American bird of prey of the Buteo genus. There are many other species of hawks in the genus Buteo, making them cousins to the red-tailed hawk. According to San ... Read More »

Diet of Hawks?

Hawks are members of the Accipitridae family, and include both Buteo and Accipiter subfamilies. The hawk is considered the most intelligent bird, based on its innovative feeding habits, According t... Read More »

About Faux-Hawks?

One of the trendiest hairstyles of the past few years is the "faux-hawk"---the crest of hair on the top of the head that's almost like, but isn't quite a mohawk. First made visible by the famous so... Read More »

How can you tell male&female hawks apart?

Hawks, which are identified as birds of prey, are divided into three categories. The birds typically thought of as hawks are in the subfamily Accipitrinae and often are referred to as "true" hawks... Read More »