What is the difference between male&female bettas?

Answer Bettas, or Siamese fighting fish, are native to shallow waters in Cambodia and Thailand. Their brilliant and often iridescent colors of red, blue, green, orange and turquoise make them popular with... Read More »

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How to Care for Bettas?

Owning exotic and colorful fish may sound like an expensive endeavor, but a colorful and elegant betta fish could cost less than five dollars. Even with reasonable prices, these fish are living cre... Read More »

How to Help Pet Shop Bettas?

Bettas in pet shops are sometimes mistreated. Though this has improved, at some stores they are rarely fed and rarely have their water changed. Here's how to help these living creatures.

How to Breed Wild Bettas?

Wild bettas are becoming endangered. If you are an experienced betta breeder, you can help conserve wild bettas. Wild bettas control insect populations (especially mosquitoes), and this is the main... Read More »

Whats difference between 16mm and 35mm and other mm in cameras i mean any performace difference ?

There are two meanings of "mm" in cameras.One is the size of the film in film cameras. The standard compact, SLR and disposable cameras used 35mm film. This had a frame measurement of 24mm x 36mm... Read More »