What is the difference between lymph and plasma?

Answer Lymph and plasma are basically the same substance but it changes names depending on location.

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What is a likely cause be for a 6yr old w WBC 5.7 ref5.0-11.0. Gran 28.2LOW ref 46.-66.0 Gran 1.3LOW ref 2.3-7.3Kmm3 her Lymph 63.8HIGH ref 20.0-50.0 Lymph 3.7 ref 1.0-5.5kmm3?

I'd call his/her pediatrician and see if you can get a prescription for nystatin cream. They may want you to come in to verify it is yeast infection. Also, fyi that yeast infections are common in k... Read More »

What's the difference between Plasma and LCD?

plasma is used when there is alot of LIGHT in the room. LCD in less light to no light rooms. LCD has a bulb to be easly replaced .Plasma no bulb. LCD Weighs less beacuse it does not need a thick pe... Read More »

What is the difference between a led, lcd, and a plasma tv?

A Simple answer: LED TVs use both back lighting and edge lighting. There are individual lighting to create better contrast and darks verse the LCD TVs. Which LCD's only use one. Plasma TVs use gas ... Read More »

What is the difference between a plasma and an LCD TV?

plasma and lcd are two different technologies. They both have HDTV (high definition tv) models.Plasma uses light diodes to produce a picture. LCD uses liquid crystal display. For all intents and... Read More »