What is the difference between low and high quality image?

Answer a low quality image is a low pixilated image which may be slightly blurred and not clearly visable. the difference is that the high quality image is more clearly visable than the low quality image.... Read More »

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What is the difference between the image quality on the Nikon D80?

RAW is the highest quality you can possibly get. Use it if you plan to blow up the pictures to billboard size or crop tightly or publish in a National Geographic magazine, otherwise it's of epic im... Read More »

Image quality difference between Sony NEX series and Sony SLTs?

... well the SLT mirror does means less light hits the sensor. This means that though the sensor in the back is the same quality. The SLT will have to raise the exposure a bit. In comparison the SL... Read More »

Would the D5200 have lower image quality at high ISO than the d7000?

Take a look at this link…You will see that the Nikon D5200 slightly out performs the D7100. The D7000 is a definite third placeThat said, there are compel... Read More »

What is the difference between intensity and density of pixel in image?

Intensity is the amount of light the pixel reproduces (how bright it is). Density refers to the amount of pixels that are used to encode an inch or an centimeter of the photograph.