What is the difference between ligaments and tendons?

Answer Muscles and bones bond to one another with the aid of ligaments and tendons. These two structures connect your bones to your muscles and provide a cohesive framework for your skeleton. To enable co... Read More »

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How do tendons and ligaments heal?

That's a great question. Your body, through what is called catabolism, or contructive metabolism, uses the nutrients that are in the food you eat and supplements that you might take, to build and ... Read More »

Will lateral pull downs and bent over rows stunt my growth and/or damage my ligaments,bones,tendons?

As with any exercise regimen you will need to start out in moderation. You should do things like stretches and jogging along with this type of training. Make sure you eat and drink correctly beca... Read More »

How many ligaments are in the arm?

There are a total of three ligaments in each arm. They are the interclavicular, coracohumeral and coracoclavicular ligaments. Each ligament is made of connective tissues that connect bones to each ... Read More »

Where are the extensor tendons?

The extensor tendons run along the back of each finger and the hand. These tendons bind the finger bones to the muscles in the forearm, which allows a person to bend and straighten their fingers.Re... Read More »