What is the difference between lenses on the Canon Rebel XTi?

Answer The Canon Rebel XTi is a digital SLR (single-lens reflex), which means it has the ability to change lenses. The camera lenses have a variety of features that makes certain lenses more effective for... Read More »

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Is there an adapter made for the canon EOS rebel lens to allow the canon AE-1 lenses to fit the canon EOS rebel.?

Canon EOS Rebel has EF, EF-S mount and is and EOS camera, Canon AE-1 has FD mount. Yes, there is and FD-EOS adapter.

What is the difference between canon ef and ef-s lenses?

Canon produces a wide range of camera lenses that can be used with the single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras that it creates. Each camera lens has a designated mount type.TypesEF and EF-S are two mount ... Read More »

The Difference Between the Canon Rebel XS & the XSi?

Canon’s line of Rebel EOS SLR cameras provide professional quality images at a consumer level price. Canon makes four Rebel models. The XS and XSi are the two older models in the line-up. The dif... Read More »

Can Canon Rebel lenses be used on a Canon digital Rebel?

You may use your Canon Rebel lenses on a digital Rebel, but the image may not be as sharp as you would like, especially with zoom lenses. The image sensor in the digital camera will change the effe... Read More »