What is the difference between led lcd tv and true led tv?

Answer LCD television uses liquid crystals that turn on and off to build an image across the screen. The crystals don't emit any light themselves so they need a light source behind the LCD panel. The ligh... Read More »

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Is there a true difference between 60Hz and 120 Hz on LCD TVs?

Television images are created with a stream of still images. In the US, the stream is 60 fields each second. As two fields are needed to make a complete frame or image, the frame rate is 30 per sec... Read More »

What is the difference between a true HD TV and an HD ready TV?

Many LCD and plasma televisions are labelled as HD ready. What it means is that the television will display an HD signal but the image may not be HD quality. All LCD and plasma televisions have a n... Read More »

Whats the difference between a True 100mW and a normal 100mW?

I was very interested in your question, and have extensive electronics engineering experience. After reviewing the sites that you posted for at least 20 minutes, I can't find anything obvious. Even... Read More »

The Difference Between Wallace China & True West China?

The now-defunct Wallace China Company created its collection of "Westward Ho Barbecue Ware" in the 1940s, featuring artwork by American artist Till Goodan. True West is a Texas-based china company ... Read More »