What is the difference between l.c.d. tv and plasma screen.?

Answer Two different display types. Plasma work with ionized gases to produce light. LCD works with backlight that passes through liquid crystals. Price range are almost the same. Except the more exp... Read More »

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What is the difference between LCD and Plasma screen TV's Which is best?

depends what you watch, if fast moving ie sport gaming then plasma, due to the refresh rate. If you get a lcd and watch sport " lagging / ghousting " happens. which is an aftershadow.Also depending... Read More »

What is the difference between HD and plasma screen?

HD is a format that is defined by the number of pixels in the picture. HD can be in projection TV's, LCD's or plasma screens.Plasma screens give the best quality picture in HD; however, they are mo... Read More »

What is the difference between a CRT plasma screen and LCD panel?

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs use the light modulating properties of liquid crystals to give off the image. Plasma TVs use special gases produced by certain cells to create the image, but since ... Read More »

Can plasma screen tilted will it damage the plasma screen?

yes. most can tilt about 10 degrees back or forward, beyond that you're taking a big risk. never, EVER, lay a plasma tv flat. Even if you're moving it and it's turned off. The heavy glass can be... Read More »