What is the difference between laserjet and inkjet printer?

Answer LaserJet’s don’t print out photos as well as high end inkjets because the ink jet uses a unique printer mechanism, which allows the quality photo printing. ... I would recommend a LaserJet to a... Read More »

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Is an inkjet or laserjet printer faster?

Here is the info from HP's website (listed below for future reference)The first 2 choices are ink-based, the 3rd is a laser printer. Note the speed is faster on the ink based printers. All 3 prin... Read More »

What printer should i buy inkjet or laserjet for office... read more at additional desc..?

If you can afford a cheap laserprinter, go with that. Cheap inkjets are usually crap. The cartridges are leaky, dry out quickly, and need to be exchanged often. A laserprinter cartridge will be mor... Read More »

What is the difference between Deskjet printer and Laserjet printer Which one is the best ?

Deskjet (Inkjet) printers use ink. Laserjet printers use toner. Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy and use, but aren't as good in terms of quality as laserjet. If you are just buying a printer for ... Read More »

What is difference from an inkjet and a laser printer Which is better?

Ink jet printers "spray" the ink onto the page. Quality varies greatly by machine. Laser printers act like a color copier and use toner, not ink. Laser printers generally print faster and better ... Read More »