What is the difference between iPhone in Europe and Australia?

Answer Sorry, but if you have an iphone 3GS, then there is really no way to jailbreak it yet, atleast not a safe jailbreak that will work, but if you want to change the black theme on your apps page (behi... Read More »

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Which is better to visit Australia or Europe?

Depends on what you want.If you want 1000 year old cathedrals then go to Europe.If you want outdoors, beach and such then Australia is the go.

Is it possible to catch a train from Europe to Australia?

I would also have thought it impossible, but I recently found, on a rail site, a surface travel, by train and cruise, from England to Australia:…Read it ca... Read More »

Can you use iPhone from US in Europe?

Some applications are free for download and other are not. Some companys make "Lite" versions of an application which is just a test version of the app to get individuals to buy if they like.Apple ... Read More »

Does the iPhone work in Europe?

The iPhone will function in Europe because Europe uses the same GSM cellular band that AT&T uses in the United States. Prior to using the iPhone in Europe, you must contact AT&T, which will place y... Read More »