What is the difference between html and pdf files?

Answer HTML and PDF are two of the most popular file formats on the Internet. They share similar functions and are both used to display information; however, they are different in many ways.SignificanceHT... Read More »

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How do I convert HTML files to PDF?

Visit Select the URL radio button and enter the complete URL of the HTML web page you want to convert to PDF into the text field labeled "URL to File or Web Page." Enter your em... Read More »

How to Send HTML Files in Email?

An HTML file is the saved document form of a website. This allows you to view the website without actually logging onto the Internet (although if the website has applied updates since you saved the... Read More »

How do I convert HTML files to text?

Right-click on the HTML file and select "Open With." In the list of options, choose "Notepad." Notepad opens the HTML document as scratch HTML, allowing you to see the coding instead of viewing the... Read More »

How to Convert HTML Files to PDF Format in Linux?

There are various options for converting .html to .pdf in a gnu/linux operating system. One very simple option for creating a .pdf file from an .html file is to open the file in your browser, and ... Read More »