What is the difference between heart rate monitor watches and which is the best?

Answer Read the online reviews of the watches you might be interested in buying.

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How to Buy a Heart Rate Monitor?

Whether you're a runner or just someone who needs to measure the rate of his heartbeat frequently, a heart rate monitor can pay for itself many times over with continued use. Read the following tip... Read More »

How to Measure Heart Rate Without a Monitor?

You don't need a monitor or special equipment to calculate your heart rate -- the number of times your heart beats per minute -- to ascertain how hard you are exercising and evaluate your level of ... Read More »

Why is the 12-lead ECG measurement better than the Polar heart rate monitor?

I suppose you mean a 3 lead halter monitor. That monitor looks at the heart in two angles (lead one and two) it's purpose is to capture data over a long period of time to see if your heart experien... Read More »

Which Polar heart rate monitor is recommended for swimming?

Polar recommends using their heart rate monitors that come with T-Series transmitters because they are 100 percent waterproof. These include the Polar T31, T31C and T61. Polar notes that all of the... Read More »