What is the difference between hamsters and gerbils?

Answer Hamsters and gerbils are both popular small pets. Both are rodents and need to eat hard food in order to wear down their constantly growing teeth. However, hamsters and gerbils differ in appearance... Read More »

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Do rats&hamsters get along?

Hamsters do not get along with other rodent species, including rats. Some species like the Syrian or golden hamster will not even get along with other Syrian hamsters. Hamsters evolved in deserts w... Read More »

Can rats&hamsters mate?

Rats and hamsters are both classified as rodents. Although both remain part of this same family, rats have larger genomes than hamsters. This difference in genomes, or DNA, results in an inability ... Read More »

Can hamsters&rats have babies?

Hamsters and rats are different species and cannot successfully mate to produce offspring. Rats are from the subfamily Muridae, and hamsters are from the subfamily Cricetinae. Rats and mice are clo... Read More »

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