Difference Between Coaching Guys & Girls in Sports?

Answer Coaching is a difficult job because there is never one set way to do things as a coach. Many experienced coaches recognize that they have to maintain different strategies when coaching boys than wh... Read More »

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What's the difference between hot girls and pretty girls?

Hm... Well, both are a very good thing! Pretty is more of a classy, put-together attractiveness. Hotness is when you look at her and just want to.. yeeah. It's much more of a physical reaction w... Read More »

Guys;Is there a difference between hot and sexy in your opinion?

I think 'sexy' means you are sexually attractive.I used 'hot' when I think you are sexually attractive to ME.Others may see this differently.

Hi guys please help me about difference between philippines and japan?

they are both seperate countries. the philipines are east of vietnam across the south china sea.

GUYS!!!! Whats the difference between being sexy, pretty, cute, beautiful?

For me, sexy would be an okay thing to say, but it could creep me out because it's not very polite, I guess. I would enjoy being called pretty, because (I am, haha) it takes a lot of courage to act... Read More »