Can you freeze grated parmesan cheese?

Answer Parmesan cheese can be frozen but must be wrapped well before being placed in the freezer. It can be frozen grated or in blocks for up to six months. Simply thaw the cheese when you want to use it.... Read More »

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How to Make a Grated Cheese Sandwich?

Grated Cheese Sandwich is a delicious, crispy, low cost and healthy breakfast. It just takes 5 minutes to make a grated cheese sandwich and is great if you are in a rush. Plus it's also healthy!

If you were to lie flat on your belly, on your kitchen floor, how much cereal & grated cheese would you find?

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What to do when shredded cheese change flavor in the refrigerator but no sign of mold?

The change in flavour come from it still maturing.It is also a sign that it will start to mould shortly. It is one of the few products you need to keep an eye on the use by date and keep that as a ... Read More »

Bacon & Cheese Omelet Bowl of Shredded Wheat or a Corn Muffin Which do you like better for Breakfast?

Bacon and Cheese Omelet, that would be so good! BTW, thanks for coming to my defense in the football section! :D