How to Determine Good from Evil?

Answer On some level, the knowledge of good and evil is intuitive to all human beings. It's bad to be robbed. It's good to rescue a drowning child. But there are other behaviors that seem more difficult t... Read More »

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Is shadow good or evil?

The Shadow, the Lamont Cranston character of Radio fame- something like Batman is a shadowy super-hero who uses his powers of telepathy and invisibility to (Cloud men"s Minds) and ultimately fight ... Read More »

Wikipedia... Good or Evil?

Is wikipedia a great source of information? Absolutely!! Should it be used as a reference for school research/papers? No!! For that matter neither should any encyclopedia. The whole point of a r... Read More »

Is shadow evil or good?

I had thought this was answered earlier, remember typing this in. The Shadow, real name Lamont Cranston, is a radio ( mainly) Superhero with telepathic and invisibility powers. ( to cloud mens" min... Read More »

Teletubbies - good or evil?

Neither. Just someone's flashback from an acid trip.