The Difference in Muscle Development Between Infant Boys & Girls?

Answer Infant muscular development occurs cephalo to caudal, or from the head to the toes. First the infant learns how to control the neck muscles and the neck, and then the back muscles. After it learns ... Read More »

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What is the difference between gerbil baby boys and baby girls?

Baby gerbils boys and girls are a bit like us humans. We all look different don't we? The boy gerbils have a larger rear end that sticks out a bit from behind where as girl gerbils have a smaller a... Read More »

What is different between Girls and Boys?

Boys are analytical, thought oriented, Job oriented, physically stronger, get the satisfaction by achieving their dream Job, skin is harder than womenGirls are, feelings and emotionally driven peop... Read More »

What did Carol Gilligan say about moral development between boys& girls?

Carol Gilligan noted that girls concern themselves more with relationships, care and how they connect with other people. Her hypothesis stated that girls incline themselves toward caring, while boy... Read More »

The Differences in Motor Skills Between Boys & Girls?

Studies, like those produced by the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, have backed up the findings of parents and teachers alike: There truly are differences in the way boys' mot... Read More »