What is the difference between gaming headsets and traditional headphones?

Answer Studios have better bass but pro's have better clarity.

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What's the difference between headsets and headphones?

headphone is only for the earswhile headset has a microphone

Wireless Headsets vs. Wired Headsets?

While wireless headsets have been all the rage over the last several years, they are not always the best option for every type of cell phone user. Wireless and wired headsets both offer their own a... Read More »

What is the difference between cell phone headphones and regular headphones besides the size of the jack?

Cell phone headphones are most likely to be 2.5mm, while regular headphones are 3.5mm.

Gaming Headphones (HELP)?

It matters what you are gonna use em for. For pc xbox etc. If its xbox get turtle beaches they work best for me