Calories in sheridan's frozen custard?

Answer 210 calories for 1/2 cup (1 scoop) of vanilla according to nutrition facts at the restaurant

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How many calories in Sheridan's frozen custard?

AnswerI don't have the calorie information for Sheridan's, but plain frozen custard is 936 calories per quart (which is a lot). The toppings add just about as many calories as the custard; for inst... Read More »

How to Eat a Custard Cream Cookie?

While custard creams are truly delicious, they are even more fun to eat if you are creative in your eating methods.

Is frozen yogurt ice cream better for nutrition than regular ice cream?

On One Hand: Health BenefitsProbiotics, found in frozen yogurt, aid digestion and improve immune function. People with lactose intolerance can eat frozen yogurt due to enzymes in the yogurt. Frozen... Read More »

When will Yahoo Answers have a section dedicated to custard and custard based activity?

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