Difference Between Non-fiction & Fiction Books?

Answer In writing, the piece is either fiction or non-fiction. It may be completely fiction, completely non-fiction or a mix of both, with some of the story being true with bits of fiction thrown in to in... Read More »

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Difference Between Fiction & Non-Fiction?

The difference between fiction and non-fiction can be subtle. Contemporary writers sometimes blur the line between these categories by writing books or screenplays "inspired" by true events. The di... Read More »

What is the difference between fiction&nonfiction writing careers?

Fiction and nonfiction writing both offer viable career paths. Print media, online publications and television opportunities are available to fiction and nonfiction writers, but with different eti... Read More »

How to Teach About Connections With Fiction & Non-Fiction?

An effective study of literature establishes connections between the text, the reader and the reader's world. To connect with a text is to actively and critically engage with it to enhance comprehe... Read More »

Is historical fiction the same thing as realistic fiction?

No, because realistic fiction is something that is like a mirror to reality which as, the historical fiction uses the past to make it basedon that genre.