What is the difference between ethnic & cuisine in food industry ?

Answer Cuisine: The practice or manner of preparing foodEthnic: Religious way of cooking.

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What is the difference between commercial and ethnic food menu ?

what commercial food in particular you want to know

Difference between south and north Indian food cuisine?

The biggest difference would be the heat of curries, they are far stronger and hotter in the south.As there are so many different cultures there is a huge range of differences.Dune

What's your favorite Ethnic Cuisine?

Thai and Turkish! They are just so amazing...My favorite Thai food is either spicy Pad Thai or Spicy basil noodlesMy favorite turkish dish is doner kabob or iskander, i love that the meat tastes he... Read More »

What's your favourite ethnic cuisine and why?

Indian- I love the complex flavors and smell of the spices and I make a great curryJapanese- I love spicy tuna rolls and sushi in generalAmerican- Roased chicken with vegetables always pleases the... Read More »