What is the difference between an epidemic, endemic and pandemic?

Answer Good question :)I answer this one in class as the following:You're living in New York and suddenly all the cab drivers get sick with a disease called "New Yorktitis", they travel to New Jersey and ... Read More »

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How to Win Pandemic 2?

This is a working plan to win Pandemic 2 without cheating.

What is a pandemic flu?

Pandemic FluPandemic refers to contagious or infectious diseases that are usually worldwide or spread across several continents. Some examples would be cholera, small pox, the bubonic plague, typhu... Read More »

How to Help Out During a Flu Pandemic?

It's not hard for a flu pandemic to start. With people being oblivious to the symptoms, it makes it even easier. If you decide to help out during such a pandemic, the world may be one step closer t... Read More »

So are you preparing for a pandemic?

Me ....I'm always ready, bottle of whisky, honey, lemons & paracetamol that should deter the little bug-gers. If not it'll give them a wicked headache. Plus I've got enough food in to last two mont... Read More »