What is the difference between down payment and under table payment ........?

Answer In the US when we close on a house there is not a line item on the closing statement (HUD1) for the "down payment". Instead it just shows that you obtained X amount from your loan and owe so much ... Read More »

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Home Owners Association harassing me for payment that was made 6 months ago after proof of payment. Can I do something to get them off your back?

You are best advised to sit down, person-to-person, with a member of the association's board or management company who has the authority to resolve the issue, and resolve it. Bring your proof of pa... Read More »

How does a down payment affect a car payment?

Many car dealerships require you to have a down payment when you are financing a car. A down payment decreases the chances that you will default on the loan. Having a down payment also affects the ... Read More »

How to Use the Interest & Monthly Payment to Find the Interest Payment?

When lenders issue a loan, they set a monthly payment that will allow you to repay the loan with interest over the loan's term. Each monthly payment goes toward both paying the interest that accrue... Read More »

How much down payment do you need?

On One Hand: Conventional vs. Government-Backed FinancingThe standard down payment to obtain conventional financing for a home is 20 percent of the sales price. Conventional loans with an 80 percen... Read More »