What is the difference between dividends&interest expenses?

Answer Both interest and dividend income are payments that individuals receive for their investments. Interest income is received when the individual loans out his funds to a company and thus receives int... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Dividends & Interest Expenses?

Corporations finance themselves by either selling shares of stock to investors or taking out loans from creditors. These loans are often in the form of bonds, where corporations make interest payme... Read More »

Are IRS audit expenses deductible as miscellaneous expenses?

Any legal fees for tax advice, any tax advice fees and any tax preparation fees are miscellenous deductions. These fees are subject to a 2 percent of adjusted gross income limit. Taxpayers can dedu... Read More »

You are one owner in a 5 unit condo Four units have been fore closed on you are paying all expenses units are now up for sale How can you collect your expenses?

Document your expenses and your payments.File liens against the other four units -- you need an attorney to assist you in this task -- so that whenever the units are sold (bought) your lien can be ... Read More »

What Are Miscellaneous Expenses?

Taxpayers can reduce taxable income by claiming certain expenses as tax deductions. Miscellaneous expenses are costs that qualify as tax deductions that do not fall into other tax deduction categor... Read More »