What is the difference between dividends&interest expenses?

Answer Both interest and dividend income are payments that individuals receive for their investments. Interest income is received when the individual loans out his funds to a company and thus receives int... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Dividends & Interest Expenses?

Corporations finance themselves by either selling shares of stock to investors or taking out loans from creditors. These loans are often in the form of bonds, where corporations make interest payme... Read More »

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Are There Differences Between Costs & Expenses?

In casual conversation, people routinely use the words costs and expenses interchangeably. Business colleagues often do as well. However, the terms cost and expense often have very important distin... Read More »

Similarities and Differences Between Dividends and Expenses?

You may have heard the terms "dividends" and "expenses" used countless times on television news programs or even during staff meetings about a company's financial health. More consumers want to sh... Read More »