What is the difference between ddr&ddr2 memory?

Answer DDR2 memory is able to transfer data twice as quickly as DDR memory by sending data twice as many times during each clock cycle of the computer. Additionally, DDR2 consumes less power. The two type... Read More »

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What is the major difference between cache memory and ram(main memory)?

Cache is memory built directly onto the cpu itself and is therefore incredibly faster but usually very small (less than 6mb most of the time for even the newest processor) ram memory is the next fa... Read More »

The Difference Between Program Memory and Storage Memory for Windows Mobile 6.1?

Windows Mobile 6.1 devices contain two types of internal memory, program memory and storage memory. Both serve completely different functions; the amount of each defines aspects of the device's per... Read More »

Difference Between Laptop Memory & Desktop Memory?

System memory, more commonly known as random access memory or RAM, is present in all computers, regardless of their size or compactness. It allows the central processing unit (CPU) to quickly recal... Read More »

What is the difference between sd&mmc memory?

Secure Digital (SD) and Multimedia Cards (MMC) are both used as storage in a number of portable electronic devices including PDAs, digital cameras, and MP3 players. While SD and MMC cards can somet... Read More »