What is the difference between cycling shoes&triathlon shoes?

Answer Triathlon and cycling shoes look alike and have some other similarities but triathlon shoes are designed to make for quick transitions from the swimming to the biking segments of a race.Similaritie... Read More »

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Difference Between Wide and Medium Shoes?

It is very important to find the correct size of shoe. There are two elements to shoe sizing: length and width. Shoe width is indicated by letters or by wide or medium. There is a difference betwee... Read More »

Difference between Airwalk and All Star converse shoes?

Well in my experience Converse offer good support at first but once u break them in a walk with them for a while it starts to hurt my feet, but I think they look better than the Airwalk. But, I wou... Read More »

What is the difference between soft vintage leather and pressed nubuck (for shoes)?

Leather does get softer as they become worn, takes years for that to happen. They also become cracked from aging, but if they are well taken care of (all my leather jackets are for instance), but i... Read More »

Cycling at the gym- how many calories is that?

If I had to guess I would say that at a moderate effort where you are out of breath, but still able to speak you would be burning 300 calories per hour.But the only way you could really know this i... Read More »