What is the difference between conventional and digital cameras?

Answer In a digital camera, the image enters the camera as light (analog data). It is converted to digital data by the processor, after being recorded by the sensor, which takes the place of the film. Rec... Read More »

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How much better are slr digital cameras than the conventional digital camera?

SLR digital cameras are professional grade cameras which have settings which may be manipulated to produce outstanding photos that otherwise could not be achieved with a regular digital camera

Whats is the difference between film based cameras and digital cameras?

now Danielle is writing this :) digital cameras might seem better but are they?? They might be easier to use but they are actually harder because you have to focus them while the digital one is eas... Read More »

What is the Difference between SLR cameras and digital cameras?

Here is a question alot of people ask when buying cameras. Which should I buy..the "advanced" SLR or a Point and Shoot? Let's first address the "what do I use the camera for" aspect. If your lookin... Read More »

What is the difference in digital cameras?

PowerShot SX110 has 9 megapixels while Cybershot DSCH10 has 8.1.This was last year.Camera quality are measured in mega pixels. Obviously the more the merrier. As of now there are 10, 12 and soon 14... Read More »