Why do my nose run continually?

Answer You are experiencing the aftermath of allergic sensitivity to airborne irritants.Allergic reactions to inhalants, be they pollens, dust, molds, etc., cause the mucous membranes to secrete lymph in ... Read More »

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What do you do about your special-needs teen who lies continually?

Maybe your special-needs teen does not lie, but is confabulation (i.e. fills in gaps in memory by fabrication). If s/he has problem with his/her short-term memory, s/he might not remember what happ... Read More »

I have my laptop on continually nearly every day and it seems 2 get very hot underneath is this normal?

yes it's normal..hence the usual advice is not to have it on something which stops the heat coming out dont put it on a cushion ..its not a good idea to even put it on your lap. Put it on a fl... Read More »

Why does my computer mouse continually stop working?

Before you try anything you should take your computer back to the store you bought it. Here is why. Most stores have a 14 or 15 day return policy. If you don't get it in that window then your ou... Read More »

Our tea maker continually stains the pitcher. What can be done to insure the tea will not be absorbed into it?

Baking soda! But, I don't really think the stains will do your body any harm. I use a glass pitchers only. :D Peace and Blessings