What is the difference between condominium and single family house?

Answer Condominium real estate ownership is a particular form of ownership: every 'unit' owner owns a unit and owns the remainder of the 'community' in common with all other owners. A 'unit' can be an ap... Read More »

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What is the difference between a condominium unit and a condominium phase?

A condominium unit is a single unit in a condominium project, whether residential or commercial. A condominium phase is a development period, during which a developer builds, finishes and/or sells... Read More »

What are condominium restrictions for single family use?

All restrictions for a condominium unit and use of its common areas, specifically for single family use, are detailed in the governing documents.The governing documents include the Condominium Decl... Read More »

Is a condominium a single family or a multi family dwelling?

It all depends.The answer depends on who's 'looking' at the property. A bank, for example, may consider it a condominium, and thereby apply certain rental percentage limits on the association befor... Read More »

Can you sue the city for allowing a condominium in a single family neighborhood?

The key to your claim is the zoning ordinance for the neighborhood.You can discover your zoning classification in either your City Hall or in the County Assessor's office.It may be that zoning allo... Read More »