What is the difference between concrete and dry cast stone?

Answer Concrete Is made out Of Clay..Dry Cast Stone..Is made Out Of Stone.. ;D

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What is the difference between stone veneer&manufactured stone?

A stone veneer is a thin layer of stone placed over another material to give the whole surface the look of being stone. Manufactured stone is a material made from concrete that imitates real stone.... Read More »

Can cast stone be stained?

Cast stones can be stained to match the color you want for your house. Stone castings can be used for decorated design for indoors for window designs and arches or outdoors for columns or garden el... Read More »

What is cast stone siding?

Cast stone siding is a veneer product also referred to as "dry pack" and "dry cast." Resembling the more expensive limestone, and sandstone siding, cast stone siding can cover a house for a fractio... Read More »

How to Make Cast Stone?

Cast stone is constructed of cement, water and mineral oxide dyes. Cast stone looks like natural stones, comes in numerous colors, and is mainly used as decoration for the exterior of buildings. Yo... Read More »