What's the difference between Seltzer and Club Soda?

Answer Club soda has a higher sodium content. Virtually same thing.A: I get this question all the time. There are very subtle differences between carbonated water, seltzer and club soda products. Tonic, h... Read More »

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What is the difference between baking soda&washing soda?

The names are an indication of the difference. Baking soda is used in cooking, washing soda for washing purposes. To learn why, one has to know their chemical compositions.Chemical CompositionSodiu... Read More »

What is club soda used for?

Club soda is used mainly for mixing alcoholic drinks, like a gin & tonic or scotch and soda. Club soda can also be consumed by itself with a squeeze of lemon for taste. Club soda can also be used a... Read More »

What is club soda made of?

There is no FDA-regulated standard for the ingredients in club soda (also known as seltzer or soda water), just for mineral water (water naturally containing minerals and carbonation). Club soda ma... Read More »

How to Clean a Dog with Club Soda?

Cleaning stinky dogs can be a challenge, especially when you are not certain exactly what it is that you are removing from their coats. This can be especially tricky if your dog has sensitive skin,... Read More »