What is the difference between chili sauce&tomato sauce?

Answer Although tomato sauce and chili sauce have one major ingredient in common, they differ in flavor and in the way they are used. Cooks can use tomato sauce in many different recipes but are more limi... Read More »

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Is chile sauce different from chili sauce?

"Chili sauce" and "chile sauce" are two different spellings for the same thing. Chili sauces are sauces that are prepared with the use of chili peppers, as well as other ingredients including musta... Read More »

What is in chili sauce?

Chili sauce is made from a mixture of tomatoes, chili pepper, green pepper, onion, vinegar, sugar and spices. The spices in chili sauce vary but may include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and c... Read More »

What is a jar of chili sauce?

There are many different brands and types of jars of chili sauce. It is best described as a cousin of ketchup, with a thicker consistency and spicier kick. It has a tomato, onion and bell pepper b... Read More »

What is chili sauce?

Chili sauce is a pepper- and tomato-based sauce that can range from mild to extremely hot in flavor. This sauce is used in a wide variety of recipes and can be store-bought or homemade.IngredientsC... Read More »