What is the difference between chestnut&sorrel horse color?

Answer Horses not only come in many shapes and sizes, but also in many colors. One coat color that is frequently found is red, commonly referred to as chestnut or sorrel.Shade DifferencesChestnut is somet... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Horse Color by Name?

Few Spot Appaloosa, Bay and a SorrelHave you ever seen a horse or pony being ridden and wondered why the rider picked that colored horse?Have you ever seen a horse that looked pretty, but you didn'... Read More »

What color is a chestnut horse?

A chestnut horse has a primarily red-brown or deep red color coat. The chestnut horse must inherit the "red" gene from both parents. This means that one or both parents may not actually have chestn... Read More »

Does the color of the jump affect the way a horse jumps over it?

Horse jumps are brightly colored and patterned to make a course harder to endure for both rider and horse. Those who design courses believe that different patterns and colors may change the way a h... Read More »

Does the color of the fence affect the way the horse jumps over it?

Bright-colored fences, such as jewel tones, can result in your horse over-jumping, which disrupts the flow of your course by making you land too close to your next fence or take down the fence as y... Read More »