What is the difference between the Catholic Bible& the King James?

Answer The Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha and considers them "canonical," meaning, part of their official books of the Bible. The King James version, which is Protestant, considers them of secondar... Read More »

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Difference Between Catholic & Islamic Marriage?

Muslims and Catholics view marriage in contractual, practical, and spiritual terms, but stark differences exist in the details of these views. Catholics view marriage as a sacrament that requires m... Read More »

How to Convert From Christian to Catholic?

The word catholic, uncapitalized, means universal. The word Catholic, capitalized, refers to a particular doctrinal perception regarding the Eucharist normally associated with the Roman Christian c... Read More »

Difference Between a Christian Calendar & a Chinese Calendar?

World history has seen many different calendars from many different peoples. Calendars, which provide a standardized measurement of time, are important to business, government and daily life. The C... Read More »

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