What is the difference between cable& DirecTV?

Answer The difference between cable and DirecTV can be extensive; however, they both have many features in common as well.SatelliteDirecTV is beamed into your home via satellite service. Upon initial set ... Read More »

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What is the difference between cable and DirecTV?

AnswerThey are both private services. DirecTV is a satellite TV company. Unlike cable companies, which use coaxial cable wires to transfer the audio and visual signals, DirectTV uses satellites (bu... Read More »

What is the difference between Time Warner Cable and DirecTV and which is the preferred provider?

How can you tell if my HR22-100 is new from Directv or refurbished. Have nothing but trouble with refurbished.

Will directv id card work in other directv cable boxes that are not my own?

No. They will not due to the receivers being linked to a specific account number. This account number is called a CID. The CID is actionable to a specific lease agreement, that is specific to the r... Read More »

Whats the difference in connecting my Xbox 360 via component cable and HDMI cable?

Wow - so many wrong answers.As long as the Component cables are rated for the high-def frequencies, they will send full 1080p to your TV and with a name-brand TV you should not be able to see any d... Read More »