What is the difference between business risk&financial risk?

Answer Business and financial risk are two of the main risks in operating a company. While they are interrelated, they are distinct business concepts, one relating to the financial strength of a specific ... Read More »

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What is difference between effectiveness versus efficiency when assessing risk and risk management?

Effectiveness is following the instruction of a specific job while efficiency is doing the instruction in lesser time and cost. They say Effectiveness is doing what's right and efficiency is doing... Read More »

How Does Business Risk Impact Project Risk?

Conditions are challenging for an organization operating in today's business environment. Such organizations adopt risk-management processes to anticipate and respond to new threats in their operat... Read More »

What is a business risk?

Risk is an inherent part of conducting business operations in the economic marketplace. Companies may face different type of business risk depending on the size of its operations and economic indus... Read More »

Categories of Business Risk?

Business risks come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of what kind of industry your business is in, there are universal risks that every business faces. Understanding risk is imperative to maint... Read More »