What is the difference between blueray and hd?

Answer First of all blue-ray is only DVD, while HD i think can be both. Also, Blue-ray has much better quality.

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What is the difference between a DVD and Blueray?

dvds are a standard definition media that stores sd video. Blu-rays are the next gen media for high definition video. also, blu-rays have 7.1 surround sound and dvds have 5.1 surround sound so blu... Read More »

Ok i got a 3D HD Blueray player (ht-e45000) but now I can't change the Blueray Speaker volume by. Look Below↓?

what is a ht-e45000 and its BLU-RAY not blueray

What i the difference between mac and normal pc's i want a mac but whats the difference?

Is there a big difference in HD DVDs and Blueray dvds?

Depends on who's viewpoint. They all hold data, and that doesn't change. How exactly they store it is much different, and Blueray can hold slightly more data.