What is the difference between romantic love and love between siblings and which type of love is more superior?

Answer Each kind of love is different. Love between siblings is the devotion of family. You may not always like each other, but because of the blood relationship, there is no way for you to back out. Rela... Read More »

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What is the difference between the book love comes softly&the movie?

"Love Come Softly" is a Hallmark television movie based on a book series by Christian author Janette Oke. The film, starring Katherine Heigl, was released in 2003. It was followed by seven films al... Read More »

How to Distinguish the Difference Between Love and Lust?

Ever had a problem where every guy you dated or have met seemed to be very attractive to you? Then you started to think you love them? Truth is sweet heart, you just loved those features!

How to Tell the Difference Between Infatuation and Love?

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How to Know the Difference Between Love, Infatuation and Lust?

While there's no clear, fool-proof way to decipher your feelings for someone, there are certain ways to make the distinction between love, lust and infatuation clearer for yourself.