What is the difference between baking soda&washing soda?

Answer The names are an indication of the difference. Baking soda is used in cooking, washing soda for washing purposes. To learn why, one has to know their chemical compositions.Chemical CompositionSodiu... Read More »

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Differences Between Salt & Baking Soda for Kids?

Salt and baking soda may look similar to kids at first glance, but their differences can be demonstrated in many straightforward ways. The compounds can first be explained at the chemical level as ... Read More »

What to substitute baking soda with in a recipe that needs baking powder too?

You could try whipping the egg white with the sugar to get some lift.

What is the difference between soda&carbonated water?

Identifying the difference between soda and carbonated water can be a matter of semantics. Soda, soda water, seltzer water, club soda and carbonated water are all similar, though some have their ow... Read More »

How to Replace Baking Powder With Cream of Tartar & Baking Soda?

Baking powder is a leavening agent used in many baked good recipes to help the batter rise as it bakes. The use of baking powder is what helps cakes become fluffy and cookies to have a cakelike tex... Read More »