How to Make Broiled Baked Chilean Sea Bass?

Answer One surely knows that fried fish is really hard to resist, but a healthy alternative is to broil, then bake your fish, and by using the wright ingredients and technique, you can make a fish that is... Read More »

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How to Make Broiled Tomatoes?

Use up a bountiful crop of farmer's market or homegrown tomatoes by broiling them. They make a tasty side dish or perhaps a light lunch.

The Best Seasonings for Broiled Steak?

Properly broiled steaks have crispy exteriors that yield to succulent juicy flesh. They should not be salted before cooking as the salt draws out their natural moisture, which inhibits the browning... Read More »

How to Make Broiled Bacon?

Don't just eat it in the microwave. Try something new!

Is the "EGG", especially a broiled one, a vegetarian food?

Many vegetarians feel that as the animal is not harmed to get the egg, it's acceptable. Same with milk/dairy. However, in the USA most dairy and egg producers treat the animals hideously, so a lot ... Read More »