What is the difference between azeotropic refrigerant and zeotropic refrigerant?

Answer Azotropic will only have one boiling or condensing point for each system pressure negligible fractionation or temperature glide will occur Zeotropic will have a range of boiling and condensing poi... Read More »

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Where can I purchase R-22 refrigerant or R-410a refrigerant?

Any refrigeration supplier provided you have the proper federal certification.

What is refrigerant vacuum?

The evaporation coils, where the HCFCs absorb heat and evaporate.

What is R-410A Refrigerant?

R-410a is a more eco-friendly refrigerant than its predecessor R-22. R-410A contains no chlorine, and therefore, does no damage to the ozone layer. It has been increasing in usage as the EPA is pha... Read More »

What refrigerant is difluoroethane?

Difluoroethane is freon. It is a gas, but when under pressure it turns into a colorless, transparent liquid. The liquid is able to dissolve in oil but not easily in water. It is used as a refrigera... Read More »