What is the difference between atsc&qam tuners?

Answer A TV tuner is the component that allows televisions and computers to receive and decode video and audio signals and translate them to pictures and sound. Different tuners enable the TV to receive t... Read More »

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Do iPods have FM tuners?

According to the official Apple website, the iPod Nano has FM radio capabilities. Apple has produced a radio remote for all other iPods, which allow the iPod to receive an FM signal and stream radi... Read More »

Comparison of Guitar Tuners?

Guitar tuners are an essential piece of equipment in every guitarist's case or pedal board. All tuners will tune your guitar equally well, but certain tuners lend themselves well to certain situati... Read More »

Do all DHTV have digital tuners?

High-definition televisions (HDTVs) produced before March 1, 2007, may or may not have a digital tuner. However, all televisions sold in the United States after that date are required to have a dig... Read More »

Do FTA receivers have digital tuners?

Yes, Free-To-Air, or FTA, receivers have digital tuners. According to FTA List, all FTA channels are completely in digital format, so there is no need to purchase or otherwise install a digital tun... Read More »