What is the difference between apple iPhone and china phone a1241 phone?

Answer qualcomm

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What is the difference between the i9 3g i phone and the apple Iphone?

Hi, i got a link discussing about that and comparison so here's the link:,-T32,-M88,-and-P168)&id=1794921take care

What Is the difference between simple phone like nokia and a 3G phone like iPhone?

not much. its a solid phone. don't worry its the newest version shouldn't have problems

What is difference between iPhone and an android phone?

The iPhone is a smartphone running iOS, which is Apple's proprietary mobile operating system. It is valued due to its ease-of-use and integration with the iTunes ecosystem. While it is easy to use ... Read More »

What is the difference between an unlocked i phone 3g and iPhone 3gs?

unlocked only means it can be activated on any service, not that the phone is any better, when the iphone came out it was only available on one service, unlocked means you can activate it on any se... Read More »