What is the difference between apothecary hydrogen peroxide and food grade?

Answer Many people keep a small brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide in their medicine cabinets. Hydrogen peroxide is an acid that is available in different concentrations. The peroxide you find at the drugs... Read More »

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Where do you buy food-grade hydrogen peroxide?

You can buy it online in the UK & WORLDWIDE. They have a number of useful dilutions: 35%, 9%, 6%, 3% and can supply in many different quantities. Just do a search for food grade hydrogen peroxide a... Read More »

What is food grade hydrogen peroxide?

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is a 35 percent solution of oxygen in water. The term "food grade" refers to the fact that this solution is prepared for disinfecting food containers before filling the... Read More »

What are the benefits of food grade hydrogen peroxide?

EMed TV states food grade hydrogen peroxide is a peroxide solution consisting of 35 percent peroxide solution having no contaminants or stabilizers. It states the solution is recommended by website... Read More »

Where can I buy 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in Los Angeles County?…there's a CA section, but I don't feel like sorting out the ones closest to LA. :S. if that fails, maybe head downtown to the wholesale food district (it'... Read More »