What is the difference between and Ipod Touch and another Ipod like the Ipod Nano?

Answer Ok ma ' am I'm an apple store manager and from my experience from the first iPods to the newest ones is quality , durability , product activity , connectivity , and just plain useful , let's look a... Read More »

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Ipod nano 16gb 6th gen, ipod touch 8gb 4th gen or blackberry curve 9360?

Get an iPod Nano if you listen to music a lot and watch videos and don't care about the games. It's good for music only fans, get the iPod Touch if you like to listen to songs, videos and like to p... Read More »

What kind of iPod Should I get The iPod Touch, Nano, Classic or Shuffle?

I would go with classic. I got the new nano, and there are A LOT of problems with it, so don't get that. Even though the classic is more expensive, its generally better than the others.The shuffle ... Read More »

Ipod Nano (4th generation) or Ipod touch What should I buy?

In sound quality, they are the same. I would buy touch if you can afford.

Poll: iPod touch or iPod nano ?

Touch. Easily.For an extra £50 odd you can go on the internet, play apps, just so much more than a nano. The nano used to be the nice 'cheap' (by apple standards anyway) option, but now seeing as ... Read More »