What is the difference between an apple mac&a regular pc?

Answer If you are trying to decide whether to invest in a personal computer or an Apple Macintosh, review what is important to you and what you want the machine to accomplish.Apple Computer is Shaped by i... Read More »

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What is the difference between apple butter&apple jelly?

Apple butter and apple jelly are both made from apples, which is about all they have in common. Both styles are very different in taste, texture, ingredients and the process by which they are made.... Read More »

Difference between apple nano and apple ipod?

Answer Nanos hold less music and are more compact than an iPod. An iPod holds more songs but are bigger. You can also put games on the new nano (3g or 4g)

Can I install Apple software to a regular PC?

There is some Apple software that can be installed on a regular personal computer that runs a Windows format. Apple QuickTime and Apple iTunes are both Apple programs that can be installed on regu... Read More »

Can an Apple computer monitor be used on a regular PC?

Apple monitors can be used on a regular PC. Apple monitors use a mini DisplayPort connection to connect to Apple towers and Apple laptops. Apple displays can only be used with Windows computers w... Read More »