Lager or Beer: What Is the Difference?

Answer Although definitions of what goes into beer vary, one good starting point is the German Reinheitsgebot, a beer purity law which goes back to the 16th century. It specifies that beer must only cont... Read More »

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Poll~ brown beer or lager beer.?

lager oh yes i could just do a few right now

What is the difference between wine,whisky,and beer?

The most basic answer is that all alcohol is made from yeast fermented sugars. Yeast is an organism that eats sugar and its waste is alcohol (and CO2). Wine sugars are already present as fructose ... Read More »

Wots your favourite lager , beer?

Whats your favorite beer or lager?

for beer I like budlight and for the hard liquor I like crown royal, southern comfort (straight out of the bottle)