How to Use Affect and Effect Properly?

Answer Do you have trouble deciding when to use affect and when to use effect? This is a common and understandable problem in English, because the two words sound so similar (if not identical).It's easy t... Read More »

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Does alcohol affect the effect of antibiotics?

Antibiotics vary in there constitution, so this is not a hard fast answer for all of them. If you drink after taking antibiotics, the drug will attack the alcohol first, before the thing it is tryi... Read More »

Does the Coriolis Effect Affect the Rotation of Toilets?

Science enthusiasts have long wondered whether toilet water spins clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere because of the Coriolis effect. A closer look... Read More »

Does birth control affect Cytoxan's effect on the eggs?

On One Hand: Birth Control Can Slow The ProcessCytoxan, a brand name of Cyclophosophmide, is a cancer medication that works by slowing the rapid division of cells in the body. This can effect a wom... Read More »

What is the difference between PCI Express 2.0 and 3.0 does it affect the type of slot needed?

The speed is faster and finding a motherboard that is slotted for core2duo and PCIe 3.0 may be a challenge. core2duo is a older processor dating what 5 years. I am not sure about PCIe support for c... Read More »