What is the difference between adoption and keeping a baby?

Answer In the case of adoption the baby is not yours at all, and in keeping the baby is when you keep your own baby , even if you have had it when you are a teenager.

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What is required to put a baby up for adoption and does the mother need permission from the tribe to put baby for adoption if she's Native American?

After what I can find you do not need their permission, you can give up your child for adoption if you want the US there is the Indian Child Welfare Act. This is a federal law that deals w... Read More »

If an unwed woman wants to give her baby up for adoption and the father wants to keep the baby can he stop the adoption from going ahead?

Keeping adoption agencies out of hospitals?

Unfortunately, not all states are like yours - some are considered "adoption friendly". Agencies do everything they can to ship "birthmothers" to those states to deliver their babies.FYI - in stat... Read More »

Why don't single mothers give their babies up for adoption instead of keeping and neglecting them?

Well i know alot of single parents that got pregnant while single and they are wonderful mothers, on the other hand there are some single mothers that turn out to be the way you said, those people ... Read More »